MySQL Sandbox, creating test environment for Group Replication plugin

Today’s topic is about how to test Group Replication plugin in easy way, with using MySQL Sandbox
But firstly we must compile MySQL with Group Replication plugin, refer to previous topic -> Compiling Group Replication Plugin

Who did not use Sandbox before, please refer to official link and read a bit more. It is wonderful tool for installing, testing new things with MySQL. Especially if you have new MySQL release to test and want to install 3 or 5 instances, just use MySQL Sandbox and it will do this work for you.

In our condition, we have already compiled MySQL with our plugin. So we have source folder in -> /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN

With MySQL Sandbox there is a wonderful tool, named make_sandbox_from_source.
Let’s see options available with this tool:

sh@shrzayev:~$ make_sandbox_from_source --help
    The MySQL Sandbox,  version 3.1.00
    (C) 2006-2015 Giuseppe Maxia

*** sandbox_type missing
Syntax: /usr/local/bin/make_sandbox_from_source source_directory sandbox_type [options]

source directory is where you have successfully
    run ./configure && make

sandbox_type is one of 

options is anything that is needed by the sandbox
    application of your choice

We want to test Group Replication plugin, so we need multiple option it will install 3 nodes of same version of MySQL by default. So after running we will get on our hand 3 nodes of Group Replication enabled MySQL.
We must just specify the source folder as follows:

sh@shrzayev:~$ make_sandbox_from_source /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN multiple
can't find executable script 'make_binary_distribution'

Again with appending BUILD folder:

sh@shrzayev:~$ make_sandbox_from_source /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD multiple
can't find executable script 'make_binary_distribution'

No success.
If you go on and list BUILD folder:

sh@shrzayev:~/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD$ ls
mysql-server  mysql-server.inst

There is a folder which we will append and run again:

sh@shrzayev:~$ make_sandbox_from_source /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD/ multiple
can't find a version in Makefile

Error has changed -> can’t find a version in Makefile
After searching i found a BUG report(LP BUG 853764) related to this issue and found a workaround. We should add MYSQL_NO_DASH_VERSION option in Makefile:

sh@shrzayev:~/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD$ cd
sh@shrzayev:~/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD/$ vim Makefile

And put MYSQL_NO_DASH_VERSION=5.7.8 (for me) anywhere in Makefile, save and exit. Then rerun:

sh@shrzayev:~$ make_sandbox_from_source /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD/ multiple
no old tarball found
CPack: Create package using TGZ
CPack: Install projects
CPack: - Run preinstall target for: MySQL
CPack: - Install project: MySQL
CPack: Create package
CPack: - package: /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD/ generated.
installing node 1
installing node 2
installing node 3
group directory installed in $HOME/sandboxes/multi_msb_mysql-5_7_8

That’s it we have 3 nodes and we are ready to test plugin.
Check for node1 for eg:

node1 [localhost] {msandbox} ((none)) > select @@plugin_dir;
| @@plugin_dir                                                                                        |
| /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD/ |
1 row in set (0,00 sec)

sh@shrzayev:~$ ls /home/sh/Sandboxes/mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr/BIN/BUILD/ | grep group_

We have our plugin in plugin directory.
In the subsequent topics i will talk about activating and using group replication plugin. Again, we are using Ubuntu 14.04 with MySQL 5.7.8-rc2 and mysql-group-replication-0.5.0-dmr.