MySQL-AutoXtrabackup command line tool for using Percona Xtrabackup

Want to introduce our MySQL-AutoXtraBackup command line tool, using Percona Xtrabackup in core. Looking for contributor 😉

Project Structure:

XtraBackup is powerfull and open-source hot online backup tool for MySQL from Percona.
This script is using XtraBackup for full and incremental backups, also for preparing and recovering taken backups.
Here is project tree:

* backup_dir — The main folder for storing backups.
* master_backup_script — Full and Incremental backup taker script.
* backup_prepare — Backup prepare and restore script.
* partial_recovery — Partial table recovery script.
* general_conf — All-in-one config file’s and config reader class folder.
* — Setup file.
* — Commandline Tool provider script.
* /etc/bck.conf — Config file will be created from general_conf/bck.conf

Now there is a config file located in ‘/etc/bck.conf’ where you should be able to change your settings and use.

Here you can watch Demo Usage Video.